Machine designers and integrators

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Romano Motion Technologies designs, develops and supports Nano, Pico and femtosecond based laser micro-machining systems. These systems are utilized in laser-based ablative processes for a wide variety of materials for the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, microelectronic and solar industries. We also develop a number of easily integratable products for the industry including Machine Security, Beam Switching and Advanced Beam Triggiring. We can provide service on existing machines as well as ground up design to meet your specifications

  Richard J. (Rick) Romano Co-Founder and CTO
Rick has been in the field of product development for the last 20 years and has developed several products in the electro mechanical and electro-optical industries. He has has been granted several patents in the field of entertainment remote controlled stage lighting as well as motion control systems and liquid crystal color changing systems.
  Timothy Girard Co-Founder and CEO
Tim started in software in 1990 working for small startups Tim has had management positions at Apple Computer, Frame Technologies, Adobe, NEC, Tumbleweed Software and SAIC. Tim has developed a number of items including a Fiber Optic based color combiner, a compact automated lighting system and a water cooled 1000 watt lighting system.